Transport and automotive


Whether it is the manufacture of buses, cars, rolling stock, or any other form of vehicle there is a wide range of Alpha adhesives for many applications including trim, electronic and audio components. Products such as S1358, used for automotive trim applications, as well as S1762, used for aircraft seating, are well known and respected in the industry.

With continued consolidation and supplier rationalisation within this manufacturing sector, the supplier has to be right. Utilising the widest possible range of products Alpha works with customers to solve their specific bonding and sealing problems, and if necessary will formulate specific adhesive solutions. Expertise in the application of adhesives and associated equipment enables the company to offer a complete solution for the transport and automotive sectors.

Future vehicles will be increasingly designed with safety and environmental considerations in mind and adhesives will play an even greater part in their manufacture – for example where adhesives are used instead of spot welds, cars can exhibit fifteen times greater stiffness. Alpha adhesives are at the forefront of technology and are well placed to meet the future needs of the transport and automotive sectors.

Tyre retread


For many years Alpha adhesives have been used in the manufacture of tyres. It is this long standing tradition and knowledge of the industry which has enabled the company not only to build its reputation in this market sector, but also to stay at the forefront of adhesive technology. Not only does the new range of Alpha water-based tyre retread adhesives offer considerable health and safety and environmental benefits, but also numerous commercial and application advantages as well. Coverage is much greater than solvent based adhesives, resulting in lower costs per tyre and the products are much easier to apply being easier to spray and having an in-built bond indicator and a tack time of up to three days.

A2024 Alpha’s premium water based tyre sidewall adhesive can be supplied in 20L gravity box which removes the need for specific spray equipment.