Eco Range

The ecoRange is further testament to Alpha’s commitment to the environment, and the creation of new practices through innovation. Alpha has re-written the rules of water-based technology by mastering the balance between environmental responsibility and the demands of the industrial user.?The ecoRange of one and two-part adhesives has been specifically developed to offer maximum suitability for a wide range of substrates in many market sectors, including transport and automotive trim, furniture and woodworking, building components and soft furnishings.


As can be expected, eco adhesives offer greatly increased coverage over traditional solvented equivalents, resulting in significant cost advantages per manufactured unit, and unlike some other water-based adhesives, all Alpha’s offer is guaranteed 100% solvent-free.


In addition to these benefits, eco adhesives are easy to use, low odour, multi-purpose and quick-grab. The broad range of substrate compatibility means that ecoRange adhesives are ideal for bonding seats and fascias, laminating, insulation panels and foam & textiles. ecoSolo products are a hi-tech development of single-part adhesives whose benefits include repositionability and high heat resisitance” remove the one way stick applications. Moreover, changes required to adapt spray equipment are minimal and misting is eliminated.

Again water-based products are available in gravity boxes to reduce the need for spray equipment.