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We’ve all heard of Dunlop…

In 2004 Alpha purchased the Industrial Adhesives Division of Dunlop and has since manufactured this well known and established product range to include Thixofix, S1358, S5001 and so on. Dunlop’s history dates back to the early 1900’s and Alpha is proud to have been able to incorporate Dunlop products into the existing Alpha brand name.


We specialise in a whole range of aerospace related products. From aircraft interiors, seating through to a whole range of composite materials used in the manufacture of fuselage components. Many of our product are manufactured to strict defence standards to achieve the highest possible quality available within the industry.

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Automotive & Transportation

Whether it is the manufacture of buses, cars, rolling stock, or any other form of vehicle there is a wide range of Alpha adhesives for many applications including trim, electronic and audio components. Products such as S1358, used for automotive trim applications, as well as S1762, used for aircraft seating, are well known and respected in the industry.

With continued consolidation and supplier rationalisation within this manufacturing sector, the supplier has to be right. Utilising the widest possible range of products Alpha works with customers to solve their specific bonding and sealing problems, and if necessary will formulate specific adhesive solutions. Expertise in the application of adhesives and associated equipment enables the company to offer a complete solution for the transport and automotive sectors.

Future vehicles will be increasingly designed with safety and environmental considerations in mind and adhesives will play an even greater part in their manufacture – for example where adhesives are used instead of spot welds, cars can exhibit fifteen times greater stiffness. Alpha adhesives are at the forefront of technology and are well placed to meet the future needs of the transport and automotive sectors.

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We specialise in the manufacture of coatings for use in a variety of industries.  These include fire and smoke protection, industrial ducting and compensators,  architectural tensile fabrics for use in high-end architectural structures through to fire control systems within the construction of commercial aircraft.

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Construction, Flooring & Roofing

From water based to 2-part Polyurethanes Alpha offers a number of products for standard and specialised flooring and roofing applications. We produce solvent free two-part systems for use in anti slip and anti skid surfaces.

Other areas include development of MS based products used in the application of roofing systems where EPDM is used extensively.

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The Alpha range of engineering adhesives are used by manufacturers worldwide for general product assembly and in machinery and plant maintenance applications.

From threadlocking anaerobic adhesives and cyanoacrylate superglues to more specialist acrylic and epoxy adhesives, Alpha products are available for virtually every application and if necessary products can be specifically formulated to meet exact customer specifications.

The Alpha range of engineering adhesives can be supplied direct or is available through a network of distribution outlets including bearing distributors and distributors of general industrial consumables.

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Foam Conversions, Furniture, Post Forming & Laminating

We provide a variety of adhesives for use in the manufacture of furniture and in particular the production of safe water based products. This is extremely beneficial from a health and safety point of view and for controlling solvent emissions.  Depending on the application products can be sprayed or brushed via gravity feed or pressure pot systems.

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Alpha have been first line suppliers of adhesives and sealants into the International Boatbuilding Industry for many years, providing top quality products for crafts from fishing boats to luxury cruisers.

With the extremes of temperatures and conditions that have to be endured applications can be very demanding, but Alpha can offer both standard and specialised adhesive and sealant systems in order to achieve the best results.

Alpha has carried out many collaborative research and development projects within this industry and has launched marine orientated products as a result.

The luxurious accommodation provided in some of these builds uses the highest quality of leathers and cloths from around the world. Alpha understands the importance of achieving only the best results and provides both solvent based and water based systems in order to achieve this.

Alpha is able to offer the complete package from solvent free silicone sealants, for minimum shrinkage, to high specification structural adhesives, to avoid the need for mechanical fixings, together with application equipment and spares.

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Safety Equipment

The long standing ability of Alpha adhesives to bond rubber and plastic products has led to a proven dominance in the supply of adhesives for the manufacture of inflatable dinghies, life rafts, escape chutes, buoyancy aides and wet/drysuits.

Alpha S2000 and S5001 are generic products in this industry and are used extensively for bonding seams and pockets. In many industries, the adhesive component of the finished product represents a small percentage of the overall cost, but its importance in terms of the quality and durability of the finished product assumes much greater proportions. This is particularly the case in the inflatables and drysuit market. S2193 was specifically developed to give good adhesion to a variety of natural and synthetic rubber surfaces. Again this product is widely used in the manufacture of inflatables, ribs and general rubber goods.

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Toll Manufacturing

As well as manufacturing our own well recognised Alpha brand of products we also toll manufacture for other companies.

This can be in the form of own label of Alpha products or as a total toll manufacture from raw material purchasing through to production from your own formulations.

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Tyre Retread

For many years Alpha Adhesives have been used in the manufacture of tyres. It is this long-standing tradition and knowledge of the industry which has enabled the company, not only to build its reputation in this market sector, but also to stay at the forefront of adhesive technology. In many industries health, safety and environmental considerations are becoming increasingly important and this is particularly the case with the use of solvent based adhesives in the manufacture of retread tyres.
Recent Environmental Protection Acts have further focused the adhesive industry into the need for water-based products. As a result of a research and development programme, Alpha has introduced a range of leading-edge water-based tyre retread adhesives. Not only does the range of Alpha water-based tyre retread adhesives offer considerable health and safety and environmental benefits, but also numerous commercial and application advantages too.
Coverage of the water based products is much greater than solvent based adhesives, resulting in lower costs per tyre and the adhesive is much easier to ap[ply being easier to spray and having a built in bond indicator and a tack time of up to three days. Any necessary changes to spray equipment are relatively simple and low cost and can be assisted by Alpha technical services.

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